Our Day At Phoenix International Raceway

Flyover at PIR

Yesterday was the first NASCAR race we have attended since Hurricane Sandy put 8 feet of water in our house and destroyed everything we owned at the end of 2012. For those that don’t know I moved our family out to Phoenix area while I go back and build and fight with insurance companies and building permits. Enough about that! Yesterday was a get back to normal day for us as we attended our first NASCAR race since the storm. We didn’t plan on going to the race so I didn’t put in for media passes like we usually do. We bought tickets a week or so ago when we figured I didn’t have to be back in NY and we went to the race.

It was our first time at Phoenix International Raceway and I was thoroughly impressed. We did have to park far away but that was our own fault getting there late. I need the exercise anyway! We were still out by the haulers buying me a new Jimmy Johnson hat when the flyover happened. It was amazing to see in person and I was glad I had my camera out already so I could take the shot.

Entering the raceway they had big banners set up celebrating the 50th year of the raceway. People were posing in front of it to capture a memory.

Phoenix raceway banner

We went inside and had good seats in the mid 20′s in the Allison section. It was right in between turn 1 and 2. I couldn’t think of a better place to sit.

panorama shot

This is a great place to sit as the cars come roaring down the front strech and have to hit the brakes entering the turn. Something a few drivers like Justin Allgaier forgot to do who was involved in a wreck with Danica Patrick that also collected a few more cars. I watched the whole thing unfold and could see it happening before he did.

j algeir spins

It is a shame because Danica had a good car and was in the back which put her in the middle of these cars. I think she had a top 10 car if she would of had any luck with track position earlier in the race. This wreck produced the strangest thing I have ever seen at a track. I was embarrassed to be a guy, a NASCAR fan and a person in general.

Danica’s car came to a stop after the wreck right in front of us. A big guy behind me yelled “Danica go home” in a very chauvinistic manner. Just as I was ready to say something to the guy his girlfriend punches him right in his stomach. I hope Danica couldn’t hear him, but saw this from inside her car. It certainly made my day. Male chauvinism has no place in NASCAR, or anywhere else for that matter.

Danica spins

The race was very enjoyable and it really was 2 races in one race. Joey Logano totally dominated the first part of the race and Kevin Harvick dominated the second half. Dale Jr and the rest of the Hendrick guys did all the could but Kevins car was much better. Congrats to him on his first win for Stewart-Haas racing.

We took over 2000 pictures and will be using them in upcoming post. Expect a few more post from us this week than normal.


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    HEY! It’s TEAM RV http://www.TeamRV.us I’ve seen those guys perform at Oshkosh. They are a team of folks who built their own planes and put on a great night show too. The plane kit brand Van’s Aircraft – each of the models Van’s makes starts with RV-. It’s been a great year or two for private airshow performers since the military cut flyovers from the budget.

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